• Innovation and Venture Incubation Center

    INOGAR is a new generation incubation center that combines innovation and enterprise culture with civil society, private sector, sustainable development, culture-arts and technology.


    INOGAR is the meeting point of all initiative networks in Turkey including the international initiatives, technology and sustainable development networks.


    INOGAR has a professional test kitchen. INOGAR kitchen is available for renting when not used for LIFE food entrepreneurship program.


The Initiative Acceleration Program

The INO/GAR Initiative Acceleration Program is developed in two phases. 1.Turkey accelerator program; a week long program that will be organized at INOGAR in Istanbul. 2.International accelerator program; that will be organized in San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Berlin, Dubai and Hong Kong.

International Accelerator Program

International Accelerator Program will be held every 2 months and will take place in the ecosystems of San Francisco, Boston, New York, London, Berlin, Dubai and Hong Kong through INOGAR’s International Network.Within the scope, entrepreneurs will be able to acquire foreign startup experiences, meet international entrepreneurs, mentors and their business-like entrepreneurs presenting an opportunity to renew their own startup business plan.

Cooperative Development Program

Within the scope of "Training for New Generation Cooperatives", a 21-hour training program has been designed with a basic level of information for people who are cooperative employees , who want to know about cooperatives and want to establish their own cooperative.

International Branding Program

Through a "INO/GAR International Branding Program", a six-month development program has been designed for initiatives which have at least 5 years of experience in Turkish market, turning to international brands, accessing different foreign markets and managing these initiatives with international corporate culture.

Food Entrepreneurship Program

Food Entrepreneurship Program is designed for 3 months by taking the internationally standardized 3 months of Food Entrepreneurship curriculum as based for the participants who either want to establish their own food enterprises or food entrepreneurs with 2 years of experience (restaurants, catering etc.)

Investment Network Program

As part of INO/GAR Network Platform, INO/GAR will be holding yearly 6 meetings that will bring investors together. On the basis of Turkey’s sustainable development, enterprises will be accepted on the six areas on the basis of importance by making investor presentation on INO/GAR Scene in order to get investments.


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